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If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident involving one or more heavy trucks, do not delay.

It's important that you obtain competent legal assistance to protect your rights and make sure you don't do anything that might compromise your claims if the other driver is or might be at fault.

Be careful. Accident and injury law can be complicated. If you do or say the wrong things to the wrong person, you can make it much more difficult to get proper compensation later.

It's far better to say too little than too much. Above all, never admit fault or liability to anyone at the time or scene of the accident. Not only can that jeopardize your claim, it may put your own insurance company in a position where they cannot protect you properly if you are the one who's at fault.

Broken Things, Broken People, Broken Lives

Truck accidents aren't pretty.  Injuries and other consequences of accidents, regardless of cause, are often severe — even fatal.

When that happens, things must be fixed, when they can be, and compensated when they can't. The fixing and the compensation also need to be done legally, correctly, and appropriately.

That's why having competent, experienced, legal counsel during the entire time is critically important. The stress and difficulty, especially when injuries are severe, can lead victims or family members to make unwise choices when they're not mentally or physically able to carefully think things through.

A caring, concerned ally in that time of need can be very comforting, and you can be confident of skilled representation from Richard Gage because he has been dealing with personal injury law, not only in all levels of local and state courts, but also all the way through the federal court system, including appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Don't Overlook Unknown Injuries or Other Issues

The seriousness of accidents involving trucks, or other large and heavy vehicles, often leave severe injuries, sometimes death or life-long disabilities — and too often, major upheaval in the lives of victims and their families.

The complications that come with serious accidents can involve complex claims against multiple parties, including drivers, owners, and even third parties not actively involved in the incident, but who may have a role through contributory negligence or other factors.

Unknown injuries, not apparent at first, can sometimes lead to serious difficulties in complex cases. By having representation from an attorney experienced in complex, often hidden injuries, you can minimize your risk of something being missed.

That's why it's so important that you have ample representation by an attorney who is experienced in personal-injury law and the many aspects of complex cases that can sometimes make proper compensation difficult to determine, and difficult to obtain.

Besides competence and experience, you also need someone who understands, and has empathy for your own personal and family-life situations — understanding that is critically important when making sure you're properly represented.

Why Choose Richard Gage, P.C.?

Accidents involving trucks and other large, commercial vehicles can be difficult and very complex.

There are the usual issues of determining cause of accident, who is at fault, what are the other contributing factors, and who has ultimate liability for the victim's injuries and sustained damages.

In many cases, insurors are anxious to settle the claim and make their final payment. But that can create other problems.

Under pressure to close the case and minimize costs, medical care givers may sometimes take short-cuts or overlook aspects of an injury that could lead to later complications.

But because those complications don't appear until later, errors can make it difficult to obtain proper compensation for hidden injuries that weren't detected until after the case was settled.

In other cases, an attorney, after negotiating and obtaining a large settlement, may take his fee and run, leaving you or your loved one unrepresented or improperly compensated, resulting in a lifetime of severe difficulty or disability, with no possibility of help, other than perhaps a minimal stipend from Social Security and little else.

Experience, Knowledge, and Know-How Are Critical

That's why you need an attorney representing you who not only knows the law and how it works, but who also has extensive experience with long-term disabilities, the necessity and complexities of long-term care, and other problems that can accompany disabilities resulting from an accident involving a large vehicle.

You need someone with enough medical knowledge to work with competent medical professionals and ensure that you get proper restorative care.

Also a legal representative who pays attention to important little details, carefully making certain that fault is properly established, and the correct responsible parties are held financially accountable for the proper needs and correct compensation for injuries and losses resulting from the accident.

And because some cases may be relatively simple, while others can become quite complex, you need someone who has a broad base of experience at all levels from state courts all the way to Federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

Richard Gage can provide the high quality representation that your specific situation requires.

He has the legal experience. He understands families and family relationships, and how injuries can upset and alter family needs and how families function when a family member is severely injured, whether short-term, or long-term.

And in the most unfortunate event where death occurs, he understands the consequences to family relationships and operation — even survival — when a member of the family is no longer there — whether bread-winner, homemaker, or other family member.

Some losses can never be compensated. But rest assured, Richard will be there to make sure you are properly, professionally, and well-represented.

What About Legal Fees?

There is no need to worry about legal fees. Our fees are paid from the final case settlement, after we make sure you are being properly compensated.

Contact us for a no-charge initial consultation where Richard will carefully evaluate your situation and your claim, to determine the validity of the claim and evaluate the best options for pursuing the case.

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