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Has Your Loved One Been Injured
From Elder Abuse
Or Nursing Home Neglect?

In today's competitive environment of caring for the elderly, there are many opportunities for neglect and abuse.

Profit-driven corporations sometimes cut corners in care, running on short staff while "keeping the beds full", leaving those in their care to fend for themselves. This can lead to injuries, disabilities, and even death.

Smaller companies sometimes lack the experience and money to properly manage their operations. When problems arise, they don't know how to handle them effectively, or they let corner-cutting lead to unqualified care, abuse, and other factors that too often cause injury or completely avoidable suffering.

Shortages of dedicated caregivers can also make staffing difficult, yet the pressure is always on to keep the facility full of paying clientele — whether they have enough workers or not.

It adds up to a powerful recipe for personal disasters, and when that happens, the person they're responsible for suffers, sometimes greatly. So does that person's family and loved ones.

Priority One: Protect the Person

If you have a loved one in a facility where he or she is being neglected or abused, the first priority is: Get that person into a different, safe place — immediately!

If special medical care is necessary, get it established.

And call us for help. We can advise you regarding what care options you might want to consider, and where you can find proper care until more permanent arrangements can be made.

We can then evaluate your situation, determine what legal remedies are appropriate, and plan appropriate actions to both protect your loved one, and obtain financial and other remedies, as conditions dictate.

Why Choose Richard Gage, P.C.?

When personal injuries occur due to elder abuse or nursing-home improprieties, the nature and extent of those injuries can be relatively simple in some situations, or quite complex at other times.

Because of those potential complexities, it is important to choose an attorney to represent you who has extensive experience with various types of medical and physical injuries.

By choosing Richard Gage to handle your case, you can be assured you will be well represented. Richard is highly competent in these kinds of cases. He's gained a nation-wide reputation through his work with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for nearly a quarter-century, and from other kinds of injury cases he's been involved with.

Because of the many medical issues he's encountered during these cases, he is able to work with medical professionals and others to ensure your loved one is properly cared for, and that any abuses or other neglect are properly handled.

The primary focus is to make sure the victim in any case is properly and skillfully represented, whether the case is handled in a local court, the state courts, or in the federal court system.

Richard has handled cases at all levels, including local and state courts, federal courts, federal courts of appeals, and appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Due to special licensing requirements for attorneys practicing in these areas, as well as other factors, he has experience and qualifications that most other attorneys lack.

And that's why you're in good hands when he's handling your case.

Give Us A Call, Or Email Us

If you or a loved one is the victim of injury due to elder abuse or nursing-home negligence, give us a call right away at (307) 433−8864, or email us at

Do not delay. In matters of this sort, prompt attention is vital, especially if others may also be at risk from similar maltreatment.