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If an automobile, small-truck, or motorcycle accident has left you or a loved one injured or killed, do not delay.

Be sure you secure competent legal representation so you can protect your rights and avoid making any mistakes that could jeopardize claims you may have against others who may have been at fault.

Laws governing injuries and accidents are complex. Even saying the wrong thing to someone can make getting proper compensation very difficult, depending on circumstances.

It is far safer to say too little than too much. Above all, never admit fault or liability to anyone at the time or scene of the accident. Not only can that jeopardize your claim, it may put your own insurance company in a position where they cannot protect you properly if you are the one who's at fault.

Accidents Can Be A Very Big Deal

In today's world of small, fuel-efficient cars and big SUVs, when two vehicles get in an argument, bad things happen. People get hurt — sometimes seriously, sometimes fatally.

It's not always easy, perhaps not possible to fix the broken people and broken things, regardless of fault. But to the extent that treating injuries is possible, or when it's not, it's important to handle claims and compensation correctly, legally, and appropriately.

And to make sure that happens, you need to be certain you are properly represented by competent legal counsel during the entire time. Too often, when dealing with stress and the difficulties of injuries or caring for injured persons, victims or family members make poor choices when they're too tired or stressed out to think clearly and calmly.

Having a strong, committed ally in such times of need is a big comfort, and you can be sure you are well represented when Richard Gage is involved in your case because he has handled injury cases for many years — in local and state courts, as well as in the federal court system all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Be Careful About Hidden or Unknown Injuries

Bodily injuries are usually fairly obvious. But in any serious accident, and in some that may not seem so serious, a hidden injury that causes no pain at first can erupt into a very difficult situation later, such as when a weakened part of the body fails when placed under certain kinds of stress when playing sports, or being involved in certain other activities.

When you have an experienced attorney working with you who understands those kinds of problems, you can reduce the risk of losing out on certain types of claims.

Why Choose Richard Gage, P.C.?

Automobile accidents and injuries can be very complex, depending on the situation. Sometimes fault and liability is easily detemined, such as when someone runs a red light and smashes into another car.

At other times, there may be fault on both sides, and insurance companies get involved in disputes to determine who pays how much for what. When that happens, if you're not well represented, you could lose out on a legitimate claim for compensation.

Every situation is unique and brings its own problems and claims to the table.

Sometimes insurors are anxious to get the case settled and the claims paid — especially if they can reduce their cost to settle. Other interests can also get involved, making the situation rather messy. It's certainly no place to be caught without a competent ally on your side in the fight.

Compensation for injury, lost income, lost companionship in the case of fatal accidents, and other complications such as long-term care for a severely injured person can be quite complex. Don't risk being improperly or under-represented. The consequences can be extremely costly in some instances.

Regardless of whether your case is complex, or almost cut-and-dried, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a competent attorney on the case who is fully qualified to make sure you are properly and competenly represented, without reservation.

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