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When an accident leaves you or a loved one injured, disabled, or worse, you naturally look for help. Someone who understands. Someone who can help you get your life back together. Someone to guide you through what can sometimes be a difficult, frustrating, painful time in your life.

Fortunately not all accidents are serious, but even the ones that aren't still are sufficient to require competent legal assistance as you work your way through claims and attempts to recover appropriate compensation for your troubles.

Why Choose Richard Gage, P.C.?

Richard Gage is a seasoned trial lawyer who has spent his life dealing with personal injuries. He is the number-one, top-experienced attorney in the entire United States handling injuries caused by vaccinations and paid for by the National Vaccine-Injury Compensation Program.

He has also handled successful cases involving automobile and truck accidents, as well as other types of injuries.

His capabilities and experience include workplace injuries, industrial accidents, burns, and many other similar cases.

He also handles injuries and damages related to elder-abuse, nursing-home abuses and other cases where older citizens are victims of exploitation and neglect.

Remember: When you call on Richard to represent you, he's the one who works on your case — not a less experienced attorney you don't know or know about, located somewhere else who shuffles papers between you and some insurance company.

Richard has two other attorneys and two very capable paralegals who also assist him in handling certain parts of his case load, but they are all well experienced, and fully competent at what they do.

You can always be assured you have the best legal representation available when you call on Richard Gage, P.C. to handle your personal injury matters.

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Don't delay. Certain kinds of injuries are subject to statute of limitations requirements. If you miss an important deadline, you could forfeit your claim and lose access to compensation.